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Soylent is Fuel Good Food

Life takes fuel. Life takes complete nutrition. You feel good when you fuel good. With ready-to-drink meals, customizable powders, and 100 calorie nutrition bars, we’ve got a Soylent for you. Fuel Good. Fuel Complete.

Soylent Drinks

A complete meal in every bottle—with or without caffeine.

Soylent Squared

A complete 100 calorie mini meal bar with probiotics.

Soylent Bridge

A 180 calorie nutrition shake with a delicious chocolatey taste.

Soylent Powder

The powder that started it all—shop for nutrition in a Pouch or Tub.

New Soylent Squared.

Your time is at a premium and that sometimes means skipping meals or settling for unhealthy food choices. Soylent Squared offers convenient and perfectly portioned nutrition on-the-go, allowing you to design the meal you need when you need it. Fuel good. Fuel complete.

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At Soylent we want to make better, more affordable nutrition available to everyone. That’s why we’re helping to put an end to hunger and food insecurity. As part of our #SoylentForGood initiative, we’ve donated 1.6 million meals (and counting!) to food banks and other organizations that focus on food rescue, serving the homeless, international aid, and disaster relief.

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Better for the planet.

Because we use plant-based protein, making Soylent requires less water and produces less CO2 than livestock. Our drinks reduce food waste with a year-long shelf life from manufacture and don’t require refrigeration until opened, unlike fruits and vegetables that get tossed after a few days or weeks in the fridge.

Our no-commitment subscriptions save you 5%, and even more time.

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