Mornings are hard. Eating healthy is hard. Getting to work on time is hard. At this point, there are a lot more things that are hard than there are things that are easy.

What does this create? A bunch of unwanted and unnecessary bad habits.

Once you indulge in one bad habit, you drop the first domino and jumpstart the fall of a million other mediocre choices.

Sound familiar?

Of course, it does. If you’re human, you’ve been in this position. Thankfully, there’s hope for us all.

5 bad habits you can break with one bottle of ready-to-drink Soylent.

To start your year off on a positive note, stock your fridge with some ready-to-drink Soylent. You’ll avoid these five everyday bad habits like a pro.

1. Last-minute morning coffee run.

No matter if you’re early or hit the snooze button too many times, there’s always enough time for a coffee run. You get to your favorite coffee shop with the best of intentions—just a drip coffee is all you need. But, inevitably, you end up leaving with the new calorie-loaded seasonal blended drink.

Skip this all together with a Soylent Café.

There are three robust coffee drinks that are seriously creamy and delicious. Not only will you get the caffeine you need to make it through your morning meetings, but it will also count as your breakfast. Each CafEé drink is filled with 400 power-packed kcals, 20g of plant-based protein, and of course, caffeine.

You’ll finally be able to show up to work on time and ready to take on the day.

2. Bougie lunches.

Ever forget to pack a lunch and then end up your spending unnecessary, hard-earned dollars on a fancy salad? We’ve been there too—a lot. If you are keen on forgetting your lunch or simply not packing a lunch at all, keep a few Soylent drinks at your desk.

When the inevitable missing lunch happens, you can easily dodge the urge to treat yourself to a bougie mid-day meal.

3. Mindless snacking.

You’re watching your favorite show with a bag of chips riding shotgun next to you when all of a sudden, you look down, and the entire bag is empty. How did that happen?

While mindless snacking is fun, the repercussions are not.

Before you succumb to your cravings, opt for a Soylent Bridge. This lighter drink gives you better-for-you fuel than snacks ever could. It’s only 180 calories and tastes like a milkshake—without the guilt. Throw back one of these between meals and stay fuller, longer.

4. Unhealthy takeout binges.

No matter how many times you open your fridge, there still seems to be nothing satisfying inside. What does this lead to? Takeout.

Food delivery is probably one of the biggest bad habits to come out of 2018—let’s keep it in 2018.

Ditch this bad (and expensive) habit by keeping a few Soylent meal replacement drinks on hand. That way, no matter when you decide to wander over the fridge, there will always be something tasty inside.

5. Skipping meals.

If you’re the type of person that would rather skip a meal than muster the strength to cook, you need to read this.

It’s not good for you.

Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do to your body—not just your body, but your mind, too. Without the right fuel, your productivity and general functions are slower. No one needs that.

Our multi-flavored, meal replacement drinks will soon become your best friend. There is absolutely no effort required to get the fuel your body craves. Unscrew the top, and you’re good to go.

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