Our drinks are made for everyone. Whether you’re super busy, a super mom, or super confused about what to do in the kitchen, we’ve got your back.

Over the past few months, we’ve kept a keen eye (and ear) on you, our loyal customers. We want to hear your stories! We love seeing how you use Soylent in your daily life—your stories never cease to amaze us.

Here are a few stories directly from our customers that share how all of our meal replacement drinks have impacted their lives for the better. Read them and get some inspiration on how you can make the most out of your meal replacement shakes and drinks.

The Millennial

6 types of people that drink Soylent - the Millennial

Soylent Drink Cacao

“I am the stereotypical 20 something that works two jobs and doesn't have any time to cook...but i got sick of tossing frozen pizzas in the oven and so switched over to Soylent. It’s probably about half of my calorie intake on an almost daily basis! The Cacao flavor is great and a nice change from the "original" that I started with. I keep a few bottles in my desk at work, easy meals when i need it!” - James

The sensitive eater.

6 types of people that drink Soylent - the sensitive eater

Soylent Drink Vanilla

“Love it! I am anemic and food is a pain in the butt and is too much work. The soylent beverage is easy, tastes great and is getting me lots of protein everyday. I am thankful for life. Thankful for soylent🤗” - Tamela

The insecure chef.

6 types of people that drink Soylent - the insecure chef

Soylent Drink Original

“I've never really learned to cook, or really wanted to learn. I used to have milk and cereal every morning, a sandwich and snacks like fruit or crackers for lunch, and divide my dinners between good restaurants, cheap quick sandwich or taco restaurants, and eating with friends who cook and helping them with the dishes.

These days I'm still eating in good restaurants three or four times a week, and happily eating with friends who cook when they invite me, and otherwise mostly eating Soylent. It's cheap, lasts for months without spoiling, and doesn't require refrigeration, heating, or any preparation, which also makes it excellent when I'm camping and traveling. I subscribe to get a monthly order of 12 boxes of 12 bottles each, and on months when I'm not yet close to running out.” - Will

The avid traveler.

6 types of people that drink Soylent - the avid traveler

Soylent Powder

“I traveled a lot with my last position, that said—a "PLUS" marketing to potential clients (who traveled) --it's not a liquid! I appreciate Soylent -- I use it as a supplement to healthy diet (when I am able to eat well)--I depend on it to fill in all the blanks!” - Pala

The hangry friend.

6 types of people that drink Soylent - the hangry friend

Soylent Bridge

“I find this the perfect solution to feeling hungry, BUT, not wanting to do dishes. Plus, often I have little time and I'm getting hungry. Bridge gives me a buffer. Much better than donuts. I find it buys me about 2 hours of hunger relief. A find it a perfect solution for me. I get grumpy when I'm hunger. Problem solved.” - Karl

The non-morning person.

6 types of people that drink Soylent - the non-morning person

Soylent Cafe Mocha

“Great if you're a student during finals period; great if you are NOT a morning person and don't usually get breakfast, but still needs something to eat before lunch great if you work in a lab or any job where lunch breaks are infrequent.” - James



6 types of people that drink Soylent - you

Soylent Drinks & Powders

Whether you need a powerful snack for on the go or a solution to stop skipping meals when you’re too busy, Soylent can help. Meal replacement drinks aren’t just for fad dieting anymore—they’re for everyone that wants to make a positive impact in their daily diet and save precious resources at the same time.


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