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COVID-19 Update from Demir, Soylent’s CEO

 Image Note : Donated Soylent Product on Food Pantry Shelf

As the news about COVID-19 continues to spread, I wanted to personally reach out to you to let you know what Soylent is doing to keep our team, our families and our community safe. This serious challenge is impacting all of us and, as we get more information, we are making quick yet thoughtful decisions to keep us all safe and healthy. Thanks to technology and our flexible organizational structure, all Soylent employees have been working remotely since the beginning of this month, and we are cancelling all non-essential in-person meetings and travel.  We strongly believe that this will help protect our workforce and their families, which is my top priority but will also reduce the risk of spreading the virus in our community. 

Additionally, we acknowledge that not everyone has the luxury of working remotely and that communities that are less fortunate will be disproportionately impacted by this pandemic, so we are doing everything we can to serve our customers and our broader community during this difficult time.  As you may imagine, our sales have increased since the beginning of the year due to higher demand. While this may be good for our business, we want to make sure that everyone has access to needed nutrition, so we are encouraging everyone to only buy what they need at this time. Stocking up will limit the amount of product available for others and limit our ability to make additional donations.

Last, in an effort to prevent the spread of misinformation, I wanted to personally share transparent answers to questions we have been receiving from our consumers about Soylent’s products, our supply chain, and what we are doing to help.

Questions from consumers:

Q: Is Soylent doing anything to help those who are less fortunate right now?

A:  Yes. 
This is a hard time for everyone in the world right now, but we understand that those living in poverty, working hourly jobs, and without steady access to food will be disproportionately impacted.  We are doing a number of different things to support local food banks, homeless serving organizations, and Feeding America.  First, over the last month, we have donated more than 150,000 bottles of product directly to food banks across the country who can immediately distribute items to pantries, hot meal programs and shelters in their regions. Our #SoylentForGood program is more important than ever, and our commitment to our community is steadfast.  Additionally, we have become an official partner of Feeding America, the nation’s most extensive response to hunger. On March 13th, Feeding America announced their response to COVID-19, and we are proud to be working closely with them.

Q: Can you actually live on Soylent for more than a couple of days?

A : Yes, you can
. This is how the company started and tens and thousands of people consume Soylent for the majority of their calories every day.  The formula for both our Ready-To-Drink and Powder products is developed based on a 2,000 per day diet.  Each bottle or shake is 400 calories, meaning if you have 5 per day you will consume all the daily recommended essentials vitamins, nutrients, fats, carbs and proteins.  However, anytime you are switching to a full liquid diet for any significant amount of time, your digestive system may go through a transition period, so if you are able to include some foods that you chew or provide additional fiber your transition period may be a little easier.  Many people have no issues at all switching immediately to an entirely drinkable diet.

Q: Can you keep Soylent in your pantry, closet or basement without refrigeration?

A: Yes, you can.
All of our products are plant-based and reliably shelf-stable.  You do not need refrigeration to maintain the nutrient density.

Q: What is the cheapest Soylent option?

A: Our 7-Pack Powder (which comes in two flavours) is now available at $1.50/meal 
if you subscribe, which totals $52.50 for a full week of nutrition. For this option, you would need access to fresh water in order to mix the Powder with water to prepare.

If you did not want to rely on access to water, our least expense ready-to-drink product is Soylent Original with a subscription. We also offer a variety of flavours on our website, if that’s your preference. 

If you are looking for a chewable option, Soylent Squared comes in 30-packs. At only 100 calories, these bars work great for smaller appetites or in between more substantial meals.

Q: Does Soylent have an international supply chain?  

A: Yes.
  We source all of our ingredients and packaging from US suppliers, however, as with most supply chains these days, some sub-components are sourced overseas. We are closely monitoring and managing a steady supply of all of our ingredients. 

Q: Other companies are experiencing shortages, do you expect that to happen with Soylent?

A: With the increase in volume, we have already experienced some shortages 
and products being out of stock, but we are working with our suppliers to get those back as quickly as possible. If the current situation continues, we may experience more product shortages.  Therefore, in an effort to make sure everyone has access, please only purchase what you and your family need in the near term. With our subscription options, you can schedule your refills for another convenient time. 

Q: Is it necessary to stock up larger quantities of Soylent products?

A: We, at Soylent, do not recommend excessive buying or over-stocking with product.
 Always buy what you need for you and your family to be safe, and what you believe you can consume during your target timeframe. Purchasing more than necessary would reduce products available to others and may leave you with excess products at home. 

As always, we want to be open and transparent with you and will share as we have more information. We want to engage with all our consumers and the communities we live, work and serve. We are committed to doing our part - feel free to send any feedback and questions directly to me at and tell us how we can do more.

Be safe,


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