Having trouble picking the perfect gift for that special somebody? We know the feeling — seriously, what are you supposed to get for a second-cousin? Isn’t it enough that they get to even be your cousin? Anyway, we brought together some of our favorite things (all respect to Oprah) for great gift-giving ideas and easy holiday shopping.

Make Room! Make Room!

A sci-fi classic and a Soylent favorite. Give this to a dystopian-loving friend who needs a good read or your uncle who refuses to stop spoiling that Charlton Heston movie.

Make Room! Make Room!: The Classic Novel of an Overpopulated Future

Available on Amazon.

Reusable straws

For the person in your life who uses way too many straws — no judgement, just eco-friendly gifting.

Stainless steel straws

Available on Amazon.

Soylent Blender Bottle

Perfect for your buddy who’s always on-the-go and/or bad at mixing things.


Soylent Blender Bottle

Available only on Soylent.com.

Soy Boy Tee

For the friend who’s living that soy life and just has to tell the whole dang world.

Soy Boy Tee

Available on Amazon.

Soylent 2-Pack

Intro your hungry loved ones to Soylent Powder with one of our new 2-Packs.

Soylent Powder 2-Pack Cacao

Available in Cacao and Cafe Mocha on Soylent.com.

A bag of soybeans!

Hook up your hungry friends with a versatile bag of beans! (I got one for everyone in the office and they were speechless!)

Bag of Soybeans


Soylent Cafe Variety Pack

Give someone breakfast in bed (or wherever they need to take it) with a Cafe Variety Pack — Cafe Mocha, Cafe Chai, and Cafe Vanilla.

Soylent Cafe Variety Pack

Available on Soylent.com.

Soylent Clown Doll

Terrify Charm your friends with an upcycled Soylent bottle turned clown doll.

Soylent Clown Doll


Out of the Soylent Planet

When a book looks this good, you really can judge it by its cover.

Out of the Soylent Planet

Available on Amazon.

Soylent Subscription

Hook someone up with on-the-go, complete meals all year long. With a subscription, they’ll get Soylent delivered every month!

Soylent Meal Replacement Shake Subscription

Make a Donation

For the person who has it all, give to someone else on their behalf. Here are a few of our favorites: MAZON, The Midnight Mission, and Swipe Out Hunger.

Donate to charity


Still not sure what to get your loved ones? Maybe this will help. Today through December 31st, get 10% off a one-time purchase of a case of Drink, Cafe, or Powder.* Just enter HOLIDAY10 at checkout.

Remember: Place your holiday orders by December 10th so you can get them under the tree in time!


*To redeem your discount, go to Soylent.com and enter HOLIDAY10 at checkout. This discount only applies to a one-time purchase of one case of Soylent Drink, Cafe, or Powder, and is only available in the US. Limit one (1) redemption per customer. Discount cannot be applied to previous purchases or combined with other offers, coupons, or promotions. Offer expires 12/31/2018.

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