We know how much you love our original meal replacement drinks. You take them everywhere—from work to vacation and beyond. For years, we heard the same piece of feedback, “Can Soylent lower its calories?”

So, we took that feedback and created the perfect in-between meal. Bridge is for when you’re hungry but not hungry enough for a full meal. You just need something to take the edge off.

When we launched Soylent Bridge, we were eager to hear your feedback and to see how you use this new addition to the Soylent lineup.

Well, here we are. We’ve gathered a few of your stories about how Bridge has impacted your life and how you use it in your daily routine.

How Die-Hard Soylent Fans Use Bridge

If you’re new to the Bridge product or if you’re a daily user looking for some inspiration, read these stories.

For Quick Pre-Workout Boost

“Soylent Bridge is perfect as my a) breakfast-on-the-go before doing my morning gym workout, & b) mid-afternoon snack. I like the taste & viscosity. My previous protein shake was more viscous & sweeter. Soylent Bridge tastes so much better - it tastes like melted chocolate ice cream 👍.”

Story from Flor

For Hypoglycemic Soylent-ers

“I am hypoglycemic and Soylent Bridge-Chocolate is the perfect antidote for when I forget to eat. It tastes like very smooth chocolate milk and has the nutrients and protein I need without a lot of sugar, which is the very best way to stabilize my condition. Thank you for making a delicious and very nutritious option for folks who need this type of supplement!”

Story from Jody

For Busy Appointment-Packed Days

“Bridge is so yummy! I work by appointment and sometimes when I'm running late, I don't even have time to make a powder shake and this is a lifesaver.”

Story from Victoria

For The Student On the Run

“This is the ultimate backpack snack and is great for keeping my sweet tooth in check. I also love that this comes in sustainable packaging, would highly recommend.“

Story from Nicholas

For When You Can’t Be Bothered to Do the Dishes

“I find this the perfect solution to feeling hungry, BUT, not wanting to do dishes. Plus, often I have little time and I'm getting hungry. Bridge gives me a buffer. Much better than donuts. I find it buys me about 2 hours of hunger relief. A find it a perfect solution for me. I get grumpy when I'm hungry. Problem solved.”

Story from Karl


Soylent Bridge is a great solution to keep hunger pains at bay throughout any situation. Whether you’re headed to work or for a three-day hike, Bridge will give you the kick you need to keep going.


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