Meet Soylent Squared.

You’re hungry. You’re not hungry enough for a meal, but you need something to power your body through the rest of the day. And you’re sick of the typical sugar-loaded, chocolate covered protein bar.

That’s where Soylent Squared comes in.

Our newest complete “mini-meal” is designed to give you a stable source of energy with the benefit of nutrition and probiotics.

A snack with benefits.

You’ve probably guessed by now, but at Soylent, we love the science of food. We get down to the nitty-gritty of food and re-engineer it to bring you something better—more powerful.

Emerging science shows that we all need a healthy gut and a healthy gut microbiome to help us maintain digestive balance. With Squared, we dove deep into the world of probiotics to accomplish this.

Why probiotics?

From the day you were born, your digestive tract has been exposed to a steady stream of both good and bad microorganisms. The good ones keep your digestion regular. The bad ones... well, let’s just say they make things a little more complicated.

The key to keeping your digestive health up to snuff is to maintain a healthy balance. In some diets, like the Western Diet, we see more of the bad. We can balance out these good and bad bacteria, with help from probiotics and prebiotics.

In short, probiotics are the ‘healthy’ bacteria that help support a healthy gut. We often find probiotics in yogurt or fermented foods, but up until recently, we’ve never seen them in an on-the-go offering.

So, we decided to make something that is as powerful as these traditional sources but much more convenient for daily life.

We know that no two days are the same in your schedule. You’re always running around town making the most of your day. You don’t have time for traditional probiotics; you need something that works with your flow, not against it. Read more about probiotics in our latest blog post

Try Squared today.

Squared is the first complete 100 calorie mini-meal on the snack market—small in size, big on nutrition.

Squared is packed with 5 grams of plant protein, 36 essential nutrients, including prebiotic fiber and probiotics for digestive health. And, it’s available in three delicious flavors—Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, and Citrus Berry.

Soylent Squared allows you to design the meal you need when you need it. At 100 calories each, you can have one or two for a snack, and three or four for a complete meal.

We’re excited to share our newest addition to the Soylent lineup with you. Soylent Squared is one of the most versatile foods around because it can help you build a better day— from breakfast to dinner, and everywhere in between.

Soylent Squared is available online and will soon be available at your local retailer. 


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