Limit Break!

The number of young adults who use energy drinks has been constantly rising year after year [1]. Students use them for all-nighters, athletes use them to get an edge over their opponent, and gamers drink them to heighten their split-second reflexes. Energy drinks seemingly can make the impossible possible. But are energy drinks truly capable of all that or is it just really good marketing. If you take a look at the nutritional facts panel of the leading energy drink brand you can see that beyond some B vitamins, all energy drinks are essentially carbonated caffeine and taurine water with a chemical aftertaste.

Soylent decided to take up that challenge to create our own energy drink and it’s called Stacked. 

Soylent vs Leading Energy Drink Brand

We compared Soylent Stacked to the leading energy drink on the market. We put the two products’ ingredients side by side to see how Soylent Stacked compares.


Soylent Stacked is built on the foundation of a nootropic stack whereby ingredients are combined together to provide better cognitive support than any single ingredient could. Soylent Stacked contains caffeine which provides energy, boosts focus and increases brain activity by stimulating the production of glutamate. Glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter which sends signals throughout the nervous system. The increased presence of these neurotransmitters from caffeine boosts overall brain processes however one of the side effects of caffeine is that it sometimes induces anxiety in the process [2]. As a result, L-theanine is paired with caffeine in Soylent Stacked to counteract the anxiety potentially induced from caffeine [3]. This is important as Soylent Stacked contains more caffeine than the leading energy drink (Stacked 100mg vs Leading Brand 80g). L-Tyrosine is another amino acid which has shown to increase dopamine levels in the brain and was added since its been shown to promote cognitive flexibility which ultimately improves task switching [4]. Lastly, Soylent Stacked contains Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC). Alpha-GPC is a bioavailable form of choline that is metabolized to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. During exercise and other stressful activities, choline runs low because our body is using it up as acetylcholine and this can lead to our peak physical and mental performance to be affected [5, 6]. People who consume more choline have shown to have better verbal and visual memory hence it is an ideal ingredient for our nootropic stack [7]. 


Not only does Soylent Stacked support your mind but your body too. Caffeine has proven to increase performance endurance so you can give your 110% during those tough workouts [2]. Stacked is formulated with 15 g of soy protein which has all the essential amino acids to rebuild muscles. In fact, it contains 2.6g of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), the key amino acids to support muscle recovery.  Stacked contains 10g of fat including omega 3, 6, and 9 to fuel your body with not only protein, low GI carbs but also unsaturated fats. Soylent Stacked has much more than just caffeine hence might be a better choice for people looking to perform better and not consume caffeine on an empty stomach.


One of the things that Soylent does well is providing complete nutrition to our consumers and Soylent Stacked is no different. Stacked not only contains all the B vitamins commonly found in an energy drink but we added 100% of the daily recommended intake. In addition, Stacked contains 15% of all the essential vitamins and minerals recommended by the FDA in each serving. Soylent Stacked is a healthier option when compared to the leading energy drink brands as it provides all the essential nutrients that your body needs and more.


Energy drinks are usually filled with added sugar to provide an instant energy surge but it also functions as a cover-up for all the aftertaste coming from the vitamins, minerals and caffeine. We at Soylent approached Stacked differently, we utilized our flavor and masking technology to cover up all the aftertaste from the vitamins and minerals without the use of ridiculous amounts of added sugar. We also went a step further by incorporating isomaltulose which is a slow-burning carb (low GI). This carb releases monosaccharides in your body at a slow and steady rate providing a steady stream of energy for your day [8]. All of this is packaged into a delicious indulgent chocolate drink which can be enjoyed at any time. 


Stacked is my go to energy drink as it has it all, complete nutrition and nootropics. Stacked can support your physical goals at the gym or on the field or get you through studying for exams or prepped for a big presentation. Most importantly, all of this comes at a fraction of the price of the leading energy drink on the market. .


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My name is Brandon Yong and I am the associate food scientist here at Soylent. What led me to food science was the love for food. My mum always told me not to play with food, well now I play with food all day and get paid doing it. Who's laughing now mum.

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