ROW DTLA, a curated collective of retail, culinary, wellness, and creative office tenants situated on the edge of Los Angeles’ bourgeoning Arts District, announces the addition of Soylent—a complete nutrition company, slated to open its office space at ROW DTLA in Winter 2019.

Soylent Nutrition, Inc., the maker of Soylent Drinks, Powder and Squared snack bars, will take over 14,000 sq. ft. of office space at ROW DTLA, moving its headquarters across the Arts District from the 555 Mateo Building. Founded in 2013, Soylent was engineered to deliver convenient nutrition for its consumers, while remaining affordable, sustainable and satisfying. The company has since grown to become both a disruptor and a driver in the Food Tech world, while remaining mission focused.

Soylent will join a community of office tenants such as Athletic Propulsion Lab, Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), Adidas, Zappos, and most recently, Soho House.  
“We have an outstanding, innovative team focused on growing our Soylent community and ROW DTLA is more than just an office, it’s a community as well.  The service and support of the team at ROW DTLA is best in class and we look forward to being a part of the community they have worked so hard to build,” says Soylent CEO Bryan Crowley.

Soylent also moves in on the heels of the debut of several consumer-facing health and wellness tenants at ROW DTLA, such as Coreology Fitness, The Things We Do, The Bartholomew Method, as well as over the pre-existing 45 retail and restaurant tenants.  

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