I want to share that Rob Rhinehart has stepped down as the Chairman of the Soylent Board of Directors.

I also want to clearly articulate that what Rob says on his personal platforms are not in any way related to the beliefs or stances of the company, our board or our employees. If you are interested in Soylent’s point of view please always refer to our company’s blogs and direct communication.

We are hard at work building a great company and focusing on our mission of bringing complete, sustainable nutrition to more people. Rob’s recent personal publicity has been a distraction from our core mission and our work. To this end, while Rob remains on the board, we wanted all of our supporters to know about this immediate change. We do not intend to speak more about it.

I want to thank our customers for their continued support and I look forward to bringing more great-tasting and innovative products to you.

Demir Vangelov

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