If you’re like most people these days, you’re on the go more than ever. Technology has evolved to give us the tools and resources we need to work or go pretty much anywhere and still be connected.

But, unfortunately, being out and about can create a challenge when it comes to eating.

The quick and easy option to get a good meal is fast food—we all know that. The other alternative is meal prepping. You spend hours in the kitchen prepping meals that will last you through the week. Sometimes, this works for us, but when you don’t have access to a kitchen, or maybe you’re not the best cook, this just isn’t an option for you.

No matter what your day to day looks like, there is a sacrifice to be made amongst nutrition, convenience, availability, and affordability.

You might have heard of ‘meal replacement’ protein bars. However, not everyone needs massive doses of protein to get through the day. More recently, a different bar category has been created other than these bulky, flavorless protein bars. Designed for daily on-the-go nutrition, meal bars are shaking things up in the meal replacement industry.

What are meal bars?

No matter where you are each day, middle of the city, middle of nowhere, or somewhere in between; nutrition still matters.

Meal bars are exactly what they sound like: A meal, in bar form.

At Soylent, we’ve taken the same great plant-based power from our meal replacement drinks and have created Squared. This tiny, yet powerful meal bar is designed to be used as an anytime, anywhere snack or meal; you decide how much you need.

That’s the greatest benefit of meal bars. Just like meals, you can have seconds, thirds, or just one bar—you choose how much is needed to satisfy your hunger.

What are meal bars made of?

Meal bars, like Squared, are designed created with higher quantities of plant protein, as well as the added benefits found in essential nutrients.

In some cases, meal bars are stuffed with probiotics for better digestion (Your gut will thank you).

But, what are probiotics? There are millions of bacteria living in our gut, the good ones are known as probiotics.

Each bar is filled with a power-packed punch of these probiotics, promoting better digestion and gut health.

The best meal bars are made with ingredients that are used to make your body thrive—be better, do better.

They are bursts of protein, vitamins, minerals, and more of the good-for-you ingredients that your body can use as fuel. Ingredients will vary from bar to bar, but the best meal bars are those that are designed to make your body function at its best.

Meal bars vs protein bars.

Meal bars are not like your old-school protein bars. Often coated with some type of ‘chocolate powder’, and protein isolates jam-packed together, protein bars are, and should be, associated with a flavor sacrifice, strictly for those who think they need the extra protein.

But, unless you’re competing in high-level sports competitions or endurance events, protein bars are actually not as healthy as you might think, especially for daily use.

Protein bars are designed for those specific purposes; to supplement lost protein or to aid the body in producing muscle mass. When used every day in a normal type of lifestyle, it can lead to an excess of protein in the body.

Meal bars are the answer for the everyday human being.

Even athletes take some days off, too. Enhancing your diet with a complete nutrition meal bar is not only more practical but also gives your body a much more well-rounded intake of the nutrients we all need daily.

Even better, since meal bars like Squared are balanced and not macro nutrient-specific, the flavor is not sacrificed for nutritional value. Plus, advancements in technology have made it easier to add delicious flavors to meal bars, so you’re not choking down something you loathe—you’ll actually have a completely enjoyable experience.

How do you use meal replacement bars?

You get to decide—that’s the beauty of meal bars. There is always a time where a meal bar can be useful:

Stash a few in your desk for days when you forget to bring your lunch to work.

Throw them in your backpack and head out to the trails for nutrition during even the most grueling hikes.

Sail across the Atlantic Ocean with a couple of boxes to stay fueled during your journey.

Throw some in your bedazzled fanny pack during festival season so you can avoid the long lines at the food trucks and keep dancing to your favorite bands.

The list goes on and on and on.

Use them on the go, in between meals, as an additional nutrient boost to a light meal, or as a healthy alternative when you cannot get a regular meal. Whether you are working, hiking, traveling, or just hungry, these meal bars are built to fit whatever your lifestyle is!

Meal bars are the answer to food voids.

Meal bars are superior in nutrients than traditional alternatives, without the sacrifice of flavor and taste. Their convenience and compact size allow you to take them anywhere, and they provide a great balance for the gaps in your diet or mealtimes. This makes them the answer to fill food voids—any moment where you are food insecure.

You only have one body, so don’t pollute or clog it with the over-consumption of unhealthy foods or make the common mistake of over stacking one type macro-nutrients. Choose an alternative that will work for you and one that still provides you with the quality nutrition every diet needs. Choose a balanced meal bar.


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