Soylent Drink

ready-to-drink for people on-the-go
Soylent Drink Original
12 bottles
$34.00 (Subscribe and save 5%)
Soylent Drink Cacao
12 bottles
$39.00 (Subscribe and save 5%)
Soylent Drink Strawberry
12 bottles
$39.00 (Subscribe and save 5%)

Don't have time to stop work and eat lunch?

Drink your nutrition! Get Soylent delivered to your home or work. Soylent turns a full meal into a one-step process and takes eating off your plate.

Essential nutrition.

Soylent Drink is a complete blend of everything the body needs to thrive in one bottle.





Nutrition you can take anywhere.

A one-year shelf life means Soylent Drink can travel with you, or stay home with no refrigeration required. Enjoy excellent nutrition whenever it’s convenient.

Waste Nothing.

Soylent Drink is engineered to have a low environmental impact, down to its recyclable bottle.