Soylent Cafe

Get a complete breakfast and your morning cup of joe in one bottle – so you can get on with your day.
Get a complete breakfast and your morning cup of joe in one bottle – so you can get on with your day.

Stop skipping breakfast.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we've made it easier than ever to get your morning nutrition and a caffeine pick me up at the same time. Start your day off right.

Packed with nutrition.

With 20 grams of plant-based protein, 36 essential nutrients and a caffeine boost, Soylent Cafe has what you need to keep going.

Nutrition you can take anywhere.

A one-year shelf life means Soylent Cafe can travel with you, or stay home with no refrigeration required. Enjoy excellent nutrition whenever it’s convenient

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "Complete Meal?"

Soylent’s nutritional makeup is complex and comprehensive. It contains the elements of a nutritious diet while limiting the amounts of less desirable dietary components. Keep in mind that, while Soylent can replace any meal, it is not intended to replace every meal.

How long does my Soylent last?

All products are marked with either an expiration date (EXP month/year), best by date (BEST BY month/day/year) or manufacturing date (MFG month/year). Our warehouses practice a first in/first out product rotation, so shelf life of received products can vary depending on warehouse location and available stock. It is our policy that no consumer will receive product with less than a two-month shelf life. If you receive a product with less than a two-month shelf life, please see our policy here.

The shelf life of Soylent products reflects the nutrition they contain. A year after production, the vitamin blend begins to lose its potency. Due to this loss in nutrition, we recommend consuming your Soylent before either the expiration, best by date, or within one year of the manufacturing date — depending on the product label.

If you notice that the flavor of your Soylent changes between packages, please check your product’s shelf life information and dispose if necessary.

How do I incorporate Soylent into my diet?

We don’t want you to think of Soylent as an all-or-nothing proposition or a trendy cleanse. Instead, think of Soylent as an antidote for the “Food Void.” A food void is any time you’re stuck without access to a good, quality meal. We’re not trying to replace the meals you love, but rather to save you from dining on a vending machine lunch or spending $10 on a limp salad. Most people find success replacing a few meals a week — often starting with breakfasts, or keeping a few bottles of Soylent on hand for when life gets busy. Some use Soylent for just about every meal, except when dining out or with friends, while others grab a bottle from the store when they’re on the go. See what works best for you!

Are you trying to replace food that I love?

No! We love food! In fact, we love food so much, we never want you to eat a disappointing meal again. That’s where we come in, to save you from soggy sandwiches and lukewarm microwave egg breakfast products. You’re welcome.

What is one serving of Soylent?

Everyone has different needs in their diet, so we created Soylent to be modular. The average adult requires 2,000 calories per day.* Soylent Drink provides 400 calorie meal. If you need a larger meal, or a smaller snack, you can always drink more or less than one serving and adjust your intake accordingly.

*Not everyone needs 2,000 calories a day. The nutritional needs of an individual vary based on size, age, and activity level.

Why do you use soy?

We chose soy protein isolate for both its nutritional profile and for sustainability reasons. Soy, like other plant proteins, requires less water and land than animal based proteins but unlike other plant protein, soy is a nitrogen fixing plant and actually has a positive impact on the soil on which it grows. Not only this, but soy requires less soil than other plants to produce a pound of protein making for a very sustainable way to provide the nutrient density that Soylent is looking for.

From a nutritional perspective, soy protein is a great protein to include in your diet. Soy has a complete amino acid profile and unlike other plant protein options, the amino acids that soy provides are very bioavailable. Bioavailability of amino acids is typically measured using the Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), which gauges how well certain proteins can be digested. Soy protein as a PDCAAS score of 1- on par with milk, beef, and eggs. In addition to being the only plant-based protein to score this well, soy protein isolate has a smooth, consistent texture which creates the optimal flavor profile. During our testing, we found that alternative proteins lacked these benefits.

What are the 36 essential nutrients?

Soylent Drink (and all other Soylent products) contains 25 vitamins and minerals, all 9 essential amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6 (1:3 ratio

What makes Soylent different from other processed foods?

The nutritional value of a meal, regardless of how it’s prepared, is directly related to the variety of nutrients it provides within a person’s diet. Take instant macaroni for example. It can lack nutritional value because of low levels of vitamins and minerals, plus an excess amount of salt, cholesterol, and saturated fat. But instant macaroni isn’t inherently lacking in nutrition just because it’s easy-to-make instant macaroni — it’s lacking because it doesn’t have certain valuable nutrients and has too many nutrients that we should avoid.

Soylent is engineered from the ground up to provide a variety of carbs, fats, and protein, alongside 26 vitamins and minerals.