Our Mission

To make unhealthy and unsustainable food voids obsolete.

The future of Soylent.

There’s no limit to innovation here at Soylent. We’re continually researching and developing new products, iterating and improving our current lineup, and working toward a better future for everyone.

Where do we go from here? We continue to work with GMO crops and look into advanced food technology. Read more in our blog.

And you know, there’s always Mars to consider…

Our collaborations.

Since 2016, we’ve donated over 1.5 million meals to those in need, both in the US and around the world. With each passing year, our Soylent For Good program and its impact grows.

Through our work supporting the World Food Program USA, we’re fighting food insecurity around the world. Read about Soylent and the WFP Innovation Accelerator, and how we’re helping bring hydroponic farming to parts of the Sahara, in our blog.

Closer to home, we work with medical professionals in some of the most respected hospitals in the US to help their patients eat and maintain a complete diet. We also work tirelessly with food banks and other organizations committed to ending hunger. Read about our endeavors with City Harvest of New York City and Island Harvest of Long Island here.

Contact Soylent to participate in any of these programs by emailing us at good@soylent.com.