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Packed with 20g protein and 28 vitamins & minerals to help keep you going throughout your day! For a limited time only, enjoy Cafe Latte, packed with all the healthy goodness plus caffeine & l-theanine.

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See what our users are saying about why they love Soylent, whether it's for the protein-packed nutrition or the easy, on-the-go use when they're in a hurry.

Save time, save money, and stay focused. Packed with 20g protein, 28 vitamins & minerals, and only 1g of sugar, Soylent will keep you going throughout your day!

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Why Soylent?

You want to be healthy, you don't have extra time and you don't want to harm the planet. We get it. We create products that deliver complete nutrition in convenient formats so you can get your fill anywhere, anytime, all while maintaining a clear conscience!
Plant-Based Protein
Vitamin & Minerals
Slow Burning Carbs
Healthy Fats
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    Good For You, Good for the Planet.

    Complete Nutrition

    Complete Nutrition

    Soylent products help you meet your daily and weekly nutritional goals. Our products can both stand in for complete meals as well as fill your nutrition gaps as snacks, supplements, and beyond!



    Soylent supports sustainable agriculture and employs best practices to reduce our carbon footprint across our entire supply chain.



    Every ingredient in our products is backed by science and carefully selected for specific and synergistic functional benefits.



    We believe that everyone has the right to nutritious meals and are committed to having products that are affordable and accessible to all.

    Over 5 Million Meals Donated through #SoylentForGood!


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    Rather grab a Soylent today?
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