Soylent: where science meets nutrition

the science of Soylent

our founding principle: the synergy of our ingredients makes Soylent, the world’s most perfect food - with no trade offs. we reject fad diets and marketing gimmicks in favor of evidence-based nutrition.
clinical validation: we believe in more than just theory. Soylent has actively participated in numerous clinical trials, including an extensive 4-year study with UCLA Health positively demonstrating both physical and mental health benefits from regular use.
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science in action: benefits beyond the basics

complete nutrition

our formulas deliver everything your body needs: protein, carbohydrates, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals.

enhanced well-being

research shows regular Soylent use may lead to improved energy levels, better focus, and overall health.

sustainable solutions

Soylent helps reduce food waste and environmental impact compared to traditional meals.

Soylent team member donating a few cases of products to a local food band

giving back with science

#soylentforgood: we're committed to making science-backed nutrition a right, not a luxury. through #soylentforgood, we've donated over 6 million meals to food banks, fighting food insecurity and ensuring everyone has access to healthy options.

the future is science-fueled

the future is science-fueled

continuous research: we never stop learning. every improvement to Soylent is backed by rigorous scientific exploration and testing.

evolving formulas: as science advances, so too will our products, ensuring you always have the most cutting-edge nutrition.

experience the power of science-backed nutrition, with a company dedicated to giving back. try Soylent today and see the difference it makes.