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How It Works

Join Soylent Rewards
Click the “Join Now” button up above to create your account for Soylent Rewards. It’s easy and free, and then you’ll be ready to start earning points.
Earn Points
Once you create your account, start completing the items below to begin earning points for referring friends, following us on social media, and more!
Once you have enough points to redeem a reward, check out the Rewards section to get codes to apply to your next order (it even works on subscriptions!). Copy your code and enter it in and checkout. Voila! You’re good to go.

How to Earn Points

Reach Essential Tier (Tier 2)
Earn points with every purchase

How to Earn Points

Reach Essential Tier (Tier 2)
Earn points with every purchase

Refer Friends & Earn Points

Love Soylent? Refer friends and earn 10,000 Soylent Rewards Points for each sign up.

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Rewards FAQ

How do I qualify and start earning points?
Soylent Rewards requires no purchase to join and start earning points! Our Start-Up tier has a variety of ways for you to earn points, including our friend referral program that lets you give $10 off to a friend, get $10 worth of points, and donate 10 meals to those in need. Soylent customers who spend $500 or more on Soylent products online will automatically be moved into our Essential Tier and start receiving 3% cashback and access to exclusive discounts.
Will my points expire?
Yes, points will expire 12 months after your last order date.
How do I redeem my points?
Visit your Soylent Rewards portal to redeem your points. Your available rewards will appear under the “Rewards” Section. Once you click “Get reward”, your voucher will be redeemed and will provide you with a code to apply at checkout to redeem your offer.
How can I refer a friend and get points?
To refer a friend, navigate to your Soylent Rewards portal. Under “Earn points”, select “Refer friends”. You will then be provided with a unique link, which you can share with your friends. This link will allow us to track your referrals and properly reward you. Once your friend clicks the link, they will be given a one-time-only voucher code that they can apply at checkout. This voucher code is not applicable on merchandise or subscriptions.

Note: In order to apply the discount and receive the reward, your friend must spend over $30 and have never purchased from or before.
Can I apply loyalty rewards to my subscription?
Yes! You can redeem your rewards and apply them to a new or existing subscription. Be sure to redeem the reward that specifies “$X off your next subscription order”.

If you are applying your reward to a new subscription, you will enter the voucher code at checkout, and your first order will have the discount applied.

If you are applying your reward to an existing subscription, log into your Customer Portal and go to Manage Subscriptions. Scroll to the subscription you want to apply the discount to and click “Add Discount”. Enter your voucher code and click “Apply”. Your next order will have the discount applied.