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A full meal of Soylent can now be delivered to your door for $1

From the very first days of Soylent I had a simple goal in my mind: sell a nutritious meal for $1. I knew the impact would be enormous. I dreamed of no longer having to sacrifice convenience and cost for health. And I knew it would be possible with the right engineering.

It took 7 years, but we did it. A full meal of Soylent can now be delivered to your door for $1. It isn’t the bioreactor-brewed pulsed electric field processed bioplastic encased bottle I imagined, but it’s a big step.

Bucket of soylent original powder on a black background

I personally find this bucket very beautiful. To me it is a symbol of security and self-reliance. The world could fall apart, but I would be well fed. We wasted very little on ink and packaging. Its use generates very little refuse. If stored properly it will remain tasty and nutritious for years to come.

This was an incredible team effort. I would like to thank all the employees, board members, and vendors that I frustrated with this demand, especially Demir Vangelov our, indefatigable CEO. It was all for the customers. And I would like to thank the customers for supporting us and sticking with us through all the years and all the adventures. There are many more to come.

Thank you,
Rob Rhinehart