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Best Tasting Plant-Based Complete Nutrition on the Market

2020 has been a year of change. A change in how we work, play, eat and even learn. In recent weeks, we have begun to see incredible societal change as well. We will surely remember it as a year of great challenge for all of us but also unbelievable, lasting transformation.

At Soylent, our team has been fully remote for more than 3 months, we re-launched in Canada during this time and fully revamped our supply chain to better serve our customers. Soylent doesn't just embrace change; instead, it energizes us. Iteration, innovation and a desire for constant improvement are part of who we are.

So this change should come as no surprise; we are updating our products yet again. This time our focus is on more than function - it's on taste. This was no easy task, and it took us some time to complete.

We are the original complete nutrition beverage, and the company's focus has always been on utility and function, and we are not getting away from that. Our vision has always been to reduce trade-offs and make it easy and affordable for everyone to have access to sustainable nutrition at all times. This takes that idea one step further - our complete nutrition shakes now have a significantly upgraded taste, in addition to improved functional benefits.

Our product development team spoke to many customers and taste testers. They developed whole new flavour technology to optimize our entire ready-to-drink line. In blind taste tests, our new Creamy Chocolate shake now outperforms category leaders who use milk and sugar. This is a big win for the plant-based community. It shows that we don't need to sacrifice taste for function. It also confirms that science-based product development and the right selection of ingredients is paramount. The team did it, and I am so proud of them!

In addition to using the latest flavour technology and removing artificial flavours for a better taste experience, we have also reduced the grams of added sugar per bottle from 9g in the previous version to only 1g in this new, optimized version. This is in part thanks to a new ingredient. We now use allulose in our drinks, a carbohydrate naturally found in some foods that maintains the low glycemic index of our products. The body absorbs allulose, but it is not metabolized like other carbohydrates, so it is virtually calorie-free. It also has little to no effect on blood glucose or insulin levels and even lowers our body's glycemic response to other carbs.

We didn't just optimize our flavours and nutritional profiles - we are also releasing our two new flavours - Banana and Creamy Chocolate. The Banana shake is incredible and has rapidly become my (and my daughter's) favourite flavour. I can't wait for you to try it, even for the banana haters out there, I think you may like it!

Starting today, we will begin rolling out our new ready-to-drink beverages on We will start with Mint Chocolate, Creamy Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Original, Banana and Cafe Mocha. Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai will follow in early Fall. As we release these updated products, the previous versions will no longer be available on our site. However, they will be available through our retail partners until their supplies are exhausted.

The one exception that we have decided to make is to keep Cacao for a few more months. We know that we have a lot of dedicated Cacao fans out there, so you will be able to get that one previous version on for a limited time.

We at Soylent have always been dedicated to providing complete nutrition. We use food technology and science-based innovation to consciously improve our products. Our ready-to-drink shakes offer complete nutrition for the body and continue in our legacy of sustainable food production. And we do all of that while tasting great!

Give it a try and let me know what you think.