Did you accidentally over order and have extra shelf-stable products that are about to expire?
- DONATE TO A FOOD BANK! Food banks are set up to receive donations and get them out to food pantries, hot meal programs, and homeless shelters very quickly. So even if your items are within a couple of weeks of expiration they can still be put to great use!
- You can find your local food bank here
- Give your local food bank a call and find out how you can drop off your donation today!

Where else should we donate?
Since Mid-February we have donated 257,297 meals to Food Banks around the country and we aren’t stopping there - we are going to find other ways to donate products to those in need. If you know of deserving organizations please email good@Soylent.com to share your ideas! We can not donate to everyone organization, but we would love to hear from you and we will help out where we can!

Can you donate a few bucks?
Non-profit organizations who work every day on the issues of food insecurity, homelessness, and basic needs supports are set up to take in donations and provide services VERY efficiently. Most of these organizations can turn 1 dollar into 2,3, or 4 (or more) meals!
Here are organizations that we have vetted and support.
- Feeding America The Nation’s Largest Response to Hunger - provides guidelines and support for the 200+ food banks in the country.
- Swipe Out Hunger Headquartered in LA, they are leading the movement on basic need support for College Students in need.
- The Midnight Mission Based in Skid Row, they provide food, housing, and programming to the homeless.
- MAZON Headquartered in LA, they are non-partisan and lead political efforts to change legislation to provide food for those in need.

Can you spare your expertise or time?
If you are a medical professional and have time right now please feel out this form through the LA Mayor’s office and be matched with an opportunity to help!