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Soylent Stacked is the first complete energy drink, designed to give you 15g of plant protein, 36 essential nutrients and the perfect blend of caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine and alpha-gpc. Soylent Stacked will help increase energy, improve focus and give you the nutrients your body needs.

Not Your Typical Energy Drink.

Soylent Stacked is the first complete energy drink to fuel your mind and body. Stacked is formulated with a nootropics blend of caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine, and alpha-gpc plus 15g of plant protein and 36 essential nutrients. And with only 3g of sugar, it will keep you going throughout the day without the sugar crash.



Stacked is the first protein and essential nutrient-rich drink that’s, well, stacked with brain-building blocks and nootropic nutrients. Nootropics are active ingredients that can support your cognitive functions and help you stay focused on the task at hand.



Say goodbye to those 3pm slumps, Stacked will help keep you focused when you need it most. Crafted by our scientists to keep you in the zone without the sugar crash.



Stacked is packed with 15g of plant based protein, designed to keep you satisfied. Stacked is the perfect upgrade to your day, more energy, more focus plus a great source of protein.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s In Stacked?

Soylent Stacked is the first complete nootropics drink to fuel your mind and body. Stacked is formulated with a nootropics blend of caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine, and alpha-GPC plus 15g of plant protein and 36 essential nutrients. And with only 3g of sugar, it will keep you going throughout the day without the sugar crash.

What are nootropics?

Nootropics is a term used to refer to molecules and herbal extracts that can modulate cognitive abilities. Different nootropics will impact different cognitive functions such as improving your ability to focus or improving learning and memory. Stacked was formulated with caffeine and L-theanine to keep you focused and with L-tyrosine and choline as key nutrients to support healthy brain function.

When should I drink Stacked?

Stacked is perfect to make the best of your morning or afternoon, when need to get stuff done whether it’s final round of gaming sessions, a final exam or a big meeting-- whenever you just need to focus and be in the zone. For anytime you need clean, steady energy and a boost!

Is Stacked an energy drink?

Stacked is not your typical energy drink. It will provide you with the nutrients you need, not just caffeine and sugar like most energy drinks.

Stacked provides 36 essential nutrients, protein and nootropics for your brain and body to get you focused and productive. Stacked has a blend of brain-nourishing nutrients like tyrosine and bioavailable choline, steady energy from soy protein and low-glycemic isomaltulose, plus 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of L-theanine, and B-complex vitamins to fuel your brain cells.

How much caffeine is in Stacked?

Each serving of Stacked contains 100 mg of caffeine, equal to a small (8 oz) cup of drip coffee. Stacked also contains 200mg of L-Theanine, which helps to balance some negative effects of caffeine (like jitters). Many coffee drinkers are happy with a full serving of Stacked, while those who consumer lower amounts of caffeine (like in tea) may benefit from less than a full serving.

If I have blood sugar issues, can I drink Stacked?

While we always recommend you first consult your physician, our product is lower sugar, 3g to be exact,  than many caffeinated drinks. Stacked is sweetened with a low-glycemic index carbohydrate named isomaltulose, which has a smaller impact on blood sugar spikes after eating, compared to traditional forms of sugar.

If I already take supplements, can I drink Stacked, too?

While we recommend you consult your physician before starting any supplement regimen, there are some advantages in taking nootropic supplements in liquid form. For example, absorption rates can be much higher in liquid form. And, Stacked drinks are more user-friendly than pills, and they taste better too.

How does Stacked work?

Stacked was formulated with ingredients that have been studied extensively for their benefits on various mind and body functions:

- 15 grams of amino-acid rich soy protein (30% DV) to build & repair muscle.

- L-theanine and caffeine in a 2:1 ratio, working together to give you focused, calm, sustained energy without jitters 

- Choline, an essential nutrient and brain cell building block (30% DV)

- Tyrosine, an amino acid that’s considered nootropic, used for focus

- An excellent source of B-vitamins (100% DV) including B6 and B12, all required cofactors for energy processes in your cells.

- Essentials fatty acids and vitamins & minerals to support a healthy body.