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For the Complex Tastes of Humanity - Soylent’s Green Mint Chocolate Is Here

The all new ready-to-drink flavor has a delicious, creamy milk chocolate taste with a hint of mint that will remind you of one of your favorite flavors of ice cream, but with 36 essential nutrients and 20 grams of plant protein -- your body and your planet will thank you.

“Our new Mint Chocolate Drink requested by our fans was engineered by Soylent’s hard-working team, with the complex tastes of humanity in mind,” quipped Andrew Thomas, Soylent’s VP of Marketing. “With its attractive mint green label, we thought it was a perfect time for a new campaign that finally answers one of the Internet’s most burning questions -- what is the secret of Soylent? It’s plants, not people.” 

For those familiar with Soylent’s origins, the name actually comes from the dystopian Harry Harrison book on overpopulation “Make Room! Make Room!”, which inspired the classic cult film Soylent Green starring iconic film actor Charlton Heston. “If you follow Soylent on social media channels you will find so-called internet ‘trolls’ that love to answer every Soylent comment with the famous Heston line,” said Thomas. “It’s always been our policy not to respond -- until now.” Thomas shared that the new campaign includes digital advertising, social outreach and an animated video that he thought “would never get approved.”

But this new campaign is not just a product launch and self-effacing jokes. It also includes the release of Soylent’s year-long Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) which reveals how the manufacturing of their products - from crops to finished goods - impacts the environment. Although like most bottle manufacturers, Soylent has work to do on packaging, one of the findings that the independent study revealed is that the use of Soy Protein is a major driver in being eco-friendly. Soy produces the most usable protein per acre out of all plant and animal protein in the western agricultural system and is also the most energy-efficient protein to produce. When comparing a 2oz fast-food cheeseburger, the cheeseburger causes five times the CO2  emissions vs. a Soylent Drink.

“It’s a crucial time in our existence, with an ever-increasing population and a need for more bioavailable, sustainable sources of nutrition,” said Julie Daoust, PhD, VP Product Development & Innovation. “Many companies talk about their sustainability impact, but very few actually make the investment to get the independent data to prove or disprove their assumptions. We’ve continued to focus on creating products that are both delicious, nutrient-dense and good for the future of our planet. In more ways than one, Soylent really is green.”

Soylent will continue to tout the benefits of incorporating more plant-based meals into consumers’ diets and will be using various insights from the LCA in marketing materials to educate consumers on how Soylent can help them achieve their nutrition and sustainability goals. To read more about the results of Soylent's Life Cycle Analysis, visit

New Mint Chocolate is available now on and will be available on Amazon in October.