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How to Be Sustainable at Home

Sustainable food practices are a great way to reduce your footprint and improve your health at the same time. There are many different ways to become more sustainable at home—more than just switching to paper straws.

Our planet is becoming overcrowded and we are really asking too much of it. It's time for all of us to rethink our consumption habits and make some changes. You'll be surprised how easy it is once you get into a sustainability routine. 

Things you can do today to have a more sustainable home. 

Approach your day with a more conscious mindset and we're sure you'll discover a number of unexpected ways to increase your sustainability quotient. Soylent products are an effective way to decrease the strain that you place on the planet while meeting your nutritional needs. Why not add Soylent to your pantry and improve your health and that of the Earth?

1. Meatless Monday. 

This is a great way to decrease the negative impact that your actions have on the planet. Did you know that factory farming is one of the largest producers of greenhouse gases? And when you factor in all of the water that is used to grow feed for livestock the picture becomes even bleaker. Throw in the pesticides that are used to treat this food, and well, you get the idea. 

Soylent is a great way to help your family cut down on its meat consumption while still meeting their nutritional needs. Many families are surprised by how little they miss meat, and expand their meatless days to two or more. Experiment with new veggie-centric dishes that are fun to make and involve the whole family.

If you are just getting started with Meatless Monday practices, you might not be sure how you can help your family eat healthfully without the inclusion of meat as a main protein. During your transition time, or anytime that you want a quick and sustainable meal, Soylent is a great option. Soylent Squared snack portions are another great option when you are trying to adjust your eating habits. 

2. Choose eco-friendly products.

From beauty and personal care products to the clothes we wear, there are a lot of opportunities to make sustainable choices. 

Our foods are also another way to practice eco-friendly decisions. When you choose your family's food, take the time to look at how it is produced and choose organic whenever possible. 

This includes food as well as other products. Did you know that cotton is one of the least sustainable products to create when harvested in a conventional manner? 

New practices are helping this situation, and it makes sense to seek out clothing made with sustainable cotton fibers.

3. Use meal replacement alternatives.

Food production causes a huge strain on our natural resources, and Americans often overeat without even realizing it. If you are looking for a great way to up your sustainability, try swapping a meal for a meal replacement alternative.

Meal replacement bars, shakes, and drinks offer the same nutritional benefits as a meal, but don’t use nearly the same amount of resources to produce. Swapping one meal a day, a week, or every once and awhile can truly make an impact on sustainability. 

4. Choose locally produced food and products whenever possible.

This decreases the energy devoted to transporting products from one place to another which can help to decrease pollution. When you are choosing local products you are also helping your economy to thrive and decreasing our society's dependence on factory farms.

5. Ditch single-use products including utensils.

Eating take out is becoming more of a habit than a luxury, and this practice is producing a lot of waste. There are so many reasons why it is better to cook at home, but when you do order delivery be sure that you decline utensils and other single-use products. Using something once and then throwing it away is a habit that we all need to break. Concentrate on using less plastic overall and cut single-use products from your life altogether.

Creating a sustainable home.

These are just a few of many ideas that you can implement to become more sustainable at home. Incorporating Soylent into your weekly meal rotation is an easy and effective way to lessen your impact on the Earth. Try decreasing your reliance on meat and dairy products and help our planet! Find out more about Soylent products and how they can help your family live in a more sustainable manner today.