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How to Live a More Balanced Life in 2020

Resolutions are the same year after year. 

We all vow to get healthy, lose weight, finally get our finances in order, start that passion project—the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, no matter how many times we make these promises to ourselves, they seem to fizzle out by February (or maybe they've already fizzled). 

There's a simple way to change that. 

Rather than shooting for a brand new life in 2020, why not aim for balance

Balancing new habits with old habits is more likely to lead to a successful, positive change in your life. 

If you are looking for more balance in 2020 rather than a shock to the system, take some inspiration from these more balanced approaches to new year's resolutions. 

Don't swear off meat, but go meatless on Mondays.

From the moment the clock strikes midnight, there is so much pressure to become the person you want to be in the new year. Whether you've been thinking about taking the plunge into vegetarianism or going full vegan, this time seems like the best way to start your new life. But, if you've never quit meat before, it's going to be a tough adjustment.

Rather than swearing it off completely, vow to cut it out on certain days. There is a whole community of people that celebrate Meatless Mondays. For one day out of the week, people choose not to consume or purchase meats. This is not only an excellent way to add balance to your diet, but also provides a bit of relief for the earth. Choosing soy products or foods made without meat can help reduce the demand for meat production, one of the largest aggressors on the environment. 

If you can cut meat out of your weekly routine for more days than just Monday, even better. You will feel good about what's going in your body, and you can feel good about making a positive impact on a serious global issue. 

Swap unhealthy meals for healthy, premade meals.

Crash diets are designed to crash. Cutting out entire food groups from your diet is going to leave your body, mind, and stomach very irritable. The shock to your system can be exactly that—a shock. 

Rather than putting your body through a shock while you're trying to accomplish other goals in the new year, try making some smart substitutions. 

If you're no good in the kitchen, if you're not the best at shopping for food, or if you're the type to let your midday hunger lead you to the nearest drive-through, let someone else make decisions for you. Premade meals and meal replacements will help you make a decision-free decision. 

There are so many meal replacement drinks and foods that are designed to help you in these exact situations. Rather than cooking something you don't like or choosing the wrong foods over and over again, meal replacement drinks can fill the void.

They're made from good-for-you ingredients, plus they taste like a treat. You can reach for a bottle, rather than reaching for your phone to place a delivery order. 

Work smarter, not harder. 

If your goal is to become the most productive, hard-working, and accomplished person you know, then this should be your slogan for the new year. Reaching your business or personal goals takes a lot of focus—something that we are all lacking in our distracted modern world. But, there's a way to get it back. 

Work smarter, not harder, by incorporating nootropics into your life. Nootropics are the essential ingredients needed to hack into your mind. They power positive brain function to help you tap into immense focusing power without the crash of caffeine or energy drinks. With the right stack, you can stay focused longer while giving your body the nutrients it craves. 

How you can live a more balanced life in 2020.

There's still time. We've developed a quiz to help you find out what you should focus on in the new year, plus a few tools on how to add them into your current life without too much disruption.