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Soylent Awards $25K to LA-Based Startups | NEW Innovation Lab

There’s always something going on at Soylent and now, you can join in on the fun.

Last month, we launched our new Soylent Innovation Lab—a collaborative office space for up-and-coming startups who share Soylent’s mission to change the way the world thinks about food.

The lab.

Members of the Innovation Lab will have access to Soylent’s expansive downtown headquarters, including use of:

Conference and boardrooms

Fully stocked and functioning kitchen

Bar (with Keg Tap)

Rooftop Deck, and more

Now, participating companies will have the ability to work and create in the heart of Los Angeles’ newest cradle of innovation: The Arts District. In the surrounding area, there is no end to culture, food, arts, and more. The booming area is home to some of the newest and biggest companies that you may interact with every single day (cough, Spotify, cough).

Soylent innovation lab tenants collaborating in their new work space

The Innovation Lab started as just an idea—why not share our space with other like-minded people. Then, it turned into something bigger than that.

Why we awarded $25K to LA-based startups.

As we were nearing the launch of the Soylent Innovation Lab, we thought of something different. Creating a successful company in one of the most expensive cities in the nation is as challenging as it sounds.

CEO Bryan Crowley handing a check to companies in need


CEO Bryan Crowley wanted to give these companies a little help while they get settled into the bustle and hustle of crazy Los Angeles.

So, we opened the application to our Innovations Lab with a cash reward. The winners would receive cash grants and a year of free office space at Soylent HQ.

Over 50 companies applied for the program, including In-House Produce, Journey Foods, Koldwave, Inc., Stacy & Mom, and Pulp Pantry. Each startup pitched their company Shark-Tank style to our panel of judges.

CEO Bryan Crowley handing checks to the owners of the companies in need

At the end of day, Journey Foods pulled ahead and stole our hearts with their plant-derived nutrition delivery: micro foods.

“Journey Foods is a food technology company solving the $600 billion yearly nutrient access problem. We are creating a new category of food called Micro Foods. I am excited to continue to learn, partner, and develop more nutritious, affordable, and efficient products for many people in the US and beyond. “

For all of their hard work and dedication, our team awarded Journey Foods a $15,000 grant and dedicated space in the Innovation Lab for one full year.

Runner-ups Stacey & Mom and Pulp Pantry were also awarded a cash grant of $5,000 each as well as complimentary use of our Innovations Lab when needed.

“We’re thrilled to kick-off the Soylent Innovation Lab with a such a great group of promising entrepreneurs,” shared CEO of Soylent, Bryan Crowley. “We are invigorated by startups like those chosen to join the Lab and we are excited to be in a position where we can lend the support and space, to see them grow into successful companies”

Want in on the Innovation Lab?

We have big plans for our Innovation Lab and we want you to get in on the fun. Not only will you get to take advantage of our modern office in The Arts District, but you will also get the opportunity to be surrounded by innovators in the space. Every Innovation Lab member will have access to mentorship opportunities, strategic resources, and access to a community of supportive individuals that are dedicated help your business grow and succeed. Learn from division heads on topics from sales to innovations and get an inside look on how the inner workings of a successful company operates on a daily basis.

If you want to come join the fun, reach out to us at