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What’s Your Health Goal?

Written by: Nikki DeAngelis, MS, RDN, LDN

Before you start on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, you should begin by asking yourself, “What is my goal?” When you set a clear goal first, it will allow you to set yourself up for success.

Oftentimes a protein shake or meal replacement can help you reach that goal. However, when there are so many options available you may be left wondering which product is best for your individual needs.

As a Registered Dietician, I have made my recommendations for common goals below.  However, before changing your diet always remember to talk to your doctor and personal dietician so your nutritional needs are perfectly matched to your unique goals.

Soylent has options for you whether you’re looking to manage your weight, prepare or recover from a workout, boost energy or even help bounce back after a medical procedure.  Here are my recommendations based on common goals I hear from my clients:


Replace a Meal 

Dietician recommendation → All Soylent Products

  • Soylent drinks are a great option on busy days when you want a balanced meal but may not have time to cook or sit down to eat. Soylent drinks and powders are an impressive meal replacement option since they are formulated to contain an optimal amount of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals similar to those found in a well-balanced meal. These components round out a complete, convenient option on busy days when you still want to stay on track with your nutrition.


Boost Energy 

Dietician recommendation →  Soylent Complete Energy

  • On some days, an energy boost may be needed to help power through your to-do list, fuel a workout or keep up with the kids. Soylent Complete Energy™ provides 100mg of caffeine, comparable to that found in a cup of coffee and a proprietary blend of b vitamins, l-theanine, l-tyrosine and alpha-GPC to support sustained energy and focus. In addition, Soylent Complete Energy is an excellent source of plant protein and also provides healthy fats and slow-digesting carbohydrates. This balance of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals and a source of energy make Complete Energy the answer to good nutrition on your busiest days. 


Exercise & Fitness 

Dietician recommendation →  Soylent Complete Protein, Soylent Complete Meal, Soylent Complete Energy

  • Regular exercise is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Soylent products can help support your exercise regimen by providing fuel from a combination of balanced nutrients. The nutrients in Soylent drinks also help your body recover from a workout. One of these nutrients is protein, which is vital to help support muscle health. The plant protein in Soylent products is from soy protein isolate -- a high-quality protein that provides all nine of the essential amino acids to help support muscle recovery after exercise. Adding in a Soylent product before or after a workout can help meet your performance goals.


Weight Management

Dietician recommendation →  All Soylent Products

Whether you’re looking to lose, maintain or gain weight, a meal replacement shake or powder serves as a useful tool to help reach your goal.

  • Weight loss: A meal replacement shake – like the Soylent ready-to-drink shakes, can offer a pre-portioned, calorie-controlled option for an individual working to lose weight. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics notes that meal replacements as part of a structured weight management program can help support weight loss goals. These meal replacements also help individuals manage portion sizes and adhere to behavior change1. Wondering which meal to replace with a shake? Try picking the time of day at which you typically overeat or make poor food choices.
  • Weight gain: For some individuals, weight gain may seem harder than weight loss. It can be difficult to eat sufficient amounts of nutrient-dense calories throughout the day, especially between meals or on-the-go. In this situation, it may be easier to reach for a ready-to-drink option like Soylent. Add in a meal replacement shake between meals as a snack, as well as eating at least 3 nutritionally adequate meals each day, to help support weight gain goals. Consult with a Registered Dietitian or physician to develop the best weight gain plan for you.
  • Weight maintenance: A meal replacement product can also seamlessly fit into your lifestyle if you’re looking to maintain your weight. Instead of skipping a meal on a busy day, a Soylent Drink paired with a piece of fruit or small salad can serve as a nutritious option to keep your nutrition on track. Alternatively, try drinking half of a Soylent Drink for a midmorning snack and saving the rest for a post-workout recovery option.

You can read more about using Soylent for Weight Management here.


Health & Medical Recovery 

Dietician recommendation →  Soylent Complete Meal, Soylent Complete Protein

  • Good nutrition can help in both preparing for and supporting recovery from some medical treatments or surgeries. In addition, some medical treatments make it difficult to consume enough calories from food to meet needs due to loss of appetite, altered taste or difficulty swallowing whole foods. Soylent Complete meal replacements or Complete Protein products can help supplement food intake when consuming enough calories at meal and snack times becomes challenging.

Get the Soylent products that will help you reach your goals today!

  1. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Evidence Analysis Library. “Adult Weight Management Guidelines”, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Accessed 23 July 2020.