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Why You Should Add a Meal Replacement Drink to Your Diet

Getting healthy and staying healthy is a lifestyle choice.

It's also a food choice.

Getting healthy is an easy choice to make. After all, who doesn't want to feel better, look better, have more energy and have a positive outlook on life? Who doesn't want to enjoy the countless benefits of living a healthy lifestyle?

But, following through with the decision to get—and stay—healthy is easier said than done.

Upon making a commitment to improve your lifestyle, you quickly learn that living a healthy lifestyle means making better dietary choices. It means learning to treat your body right by giving it the fuel it needs.

Fortunately, meal replacement drinks exist.

The number one reason to begin supplementing your diet is to fill the food void that occurs when you begin cutting unhealthy food out of your diet. However, there are a variety of other reasons using meal replacement drinks is a great idea as well.

6 real reasons to add a meal replacement drink into your daily diet.

Meal replacement drinks are not only good for filling a food void. They also make an impact on your overall health and the health of the world we live in every day. Here are six reasons why you should try adding a meal replacement drink into your daily diet.

1. Meal replacement drinks taste great.

Meal replacement drinks of the past have evolved. Today's best meal replacement drinks, conversely, taste great and are much lower in refined sugar than their traditional counterparts.

Part of what makes a healthy lifestyle so difficult to follow through with for an extended period of time is the fact that leading a healthy lifestyle means removing the additives and sugars that make food taste so great.

Today's meal replacement drinks are a great way to fill your stomach with something that is both healthy and tasty. With advancements in food technology, meal replacement drinks have come along way in terms of flavor. Gone are the heavy, chalky tasting drinks. Today, you can expect light and fresh flavors like strawberry and vanilla. If you have a sweet tooth, chocolate and mocha flavors can do the trick as well.

On the go drinks are complete products that can give you delicious nutrition with flavor built in. While powder meal replacement shakes give you a little more freedom to create smoothies and shakes with your favorite flavors. Whatever level of effort you want to put in to this new addition to your diet, there’s a solution made just for you.

2. They have high quantities of amino acids.

Living a healthy lifestyle is about more than just dieting. Changing your diet and adding healthy amounts of exercise are the base for a reformed lifestyle. Because of this, your body craves (and needs) more amino acids.

Meal replacement drinks are designed to restore and improve levels of essential nutrients without the need for supplements multiple times per day. These drinks are engineered with your body’s needs in mind so you can fuel up the right way.

3. Meal replacement drinks are a source of healthy ‘fast’ food.

One thing you love about fast food—aside from the taste—is the fact that it is, well, fast. Eating healthy can be very time-consuming. Preparing healthy meals takes more time than eating prepackaged, instant foods. But, you don't always have time to cook.

Rather than skipping meals or succumbing to the ease and convenience of a drive through, you can supplement your meal plan with a replacement drink. Ready to drink offerings promise a meal that is ready to drink from the moment you rip open the cap. Skip the line, the 3pm slump, and the guilt that follows you around all day.

4. They're all-in-one meals.

Fortified meal replacement drinks have a large number of vitamins and minerals in addition to the essential amino acids and carbohydrates you need. Unlike protein drinks, meal replacement drinks are fortified with everything you need to help your body protect itself, heal, and grow.

5. Meal replacement drinks travel well.

For those that travel, sticking to a well-balanced diet can be a struggle. From airport fare to roadtrip snacking to limited bag space, there are hurdles to cross around every mode of transportation. Traveling with food can be somewhat of a challenge. Sources of protein like bananas don’t fare well in loaded backpacks or purses. Nuts and protein bars can only give you so much fuel before you start craving something more.

Both ready to drink and powder meal replacement drinks travel well. They’re sturdy, packable, and will give you more sustainable than most travel-approved snacks on the market. Whether you’re running through the airport to catch a flight or you’re hiking to the top of a mountain, meal replacement drinks can be consumed wherever you end up.

6. They don't require refrigeration.

Meal replacement drinks are perishable. However, until the expiration date, you can keep them in a cool place without worrying that it will go bad. Whether you stick one in your desk at the office to tide you over until lunch or you take a couple to the beach so you don't have to interrupt your fun to grab a bite to eat, the fact that you don't have to refrigerate meal replacement drinks makes them ideal.