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Helping with Preparedness

Soylent has solutions for those who are concerned with preparedness

Soylent’s products are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. For those who are mindful of potential emergencies and want to ensure their family has a reliable supply of calories and nutrition, Soylent can help.

Soylent Powder – Affordable, Easy to Store & Long Shelf Life

Each pouch of Soylent Powder provides calories and nutrition for one person for one day. Each case of Soylent Powder contains one week's worth of food for one person.*

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Soylent Ready-to-Drink – Convenient Meals

For those of you concerned about having access to clean drinking water, we recommend our Ready-to-Drink product. Each case of Soylent RTD contains 12 bottles; therefore a week’s worth of nutrition and calories would require about 3 cases per person.*

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Providing Nutrition for You and Your Family

Our Powder and Ready-to-Drink products offer different options at different price points and varying levels of convenience.

Let us help you plan for prepardness. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you actually live on Soylent for more than a couple of days?

Yes, you can. This is how the company started and tens and thousands of people consume Soylent for the majority of their calories every day.  The formula for both our Ready-To-Drink and Powder products is developed based on a 2,000/ day diet.   Each bottle or shake is 400 calories, meaning if you have 5 per day you will consume all the daily recommended essentials vitamins, nutrients, fats, carbs, and proteins.  However, anytime you are switching to a full liquid diet for any significant amount of time, your digestive system may go through a transition period, so if you are able to include some foods that you chew or provide additional fiber your transition period may be a little easier.  But many people have no issues at all switching immediately to a fully drinkable diet.

Can you keep Soylent in your pantry, closet, or basement without refrigeration?

Yes, you can.  All of our products are plant based and full shelf stable.  You do not need refrigeration to maintain the nutrient density.

What is the cheapest Soylent option to buy in bulk?

Our 7-Pack Powder (which comes in two flavors) is now available at $1.50/ meal if you subscribe, which totals $52.50 for 35 meals.  If you opt to not subscribe to each 400 calorie meal is still only $1.82/ meal (or $64/ 35 meals).  For this option you would need access to fresh water in order to mix the Powder with water to prepare.

If you did not want to rely on access to water our least expense ready-to-drink product is our Original flavor which currently costs $2.69/ meal with a subscription or $2.83 without.  If you have never had this flavor it is similar to a sweet milk flavor that is left after a bowl of oat cereal.

If you are looking for a chewable, snack option our Soylent Squares are priced at $1.00/ square and come in 30 packs.  These work great for smaller appetites or in between larger meals, but if you are looking for a full 400 calorie meal this would cost you $4.00/ meal.

Is Soylent doing anything to help those less fortunate prepare for disaster?

Yes, we work very closely with food banks, Feeding America, and our transportation partners to donate products to emergency feeding programs and food pantries all around the country.

These are some of the most popular questions we have received over the past few weeks, but if you have additional questions please feel free to reach out via our social media channels or email and we will be happy to answer as quickly as possible.

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*Please note that daily caloric intake varies by person; a 2,000 calorie diet is the standard recommendation by the FDA and each consumer should ensure they understand their own caloric needs.