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This Man Rowed Across the Atlantic Powered by Soylent

Tim Crockett rowed solo 3,000 nautical miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua across the Atlantic Ocean in just 63 days.

Have you ever driven across the US? He did that, but instead of driving in a comfortable car, he rowed the distance.

The trip.

Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean is considered one of the most grueling physical challenges on earth. For perspective, fewer people have successfully made this journey solo than have summited Mt. Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen.

Map of the sailing route the man took to sail across the Atlantic

Tim Crockett started his 3,000-mile trek from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands and headed east to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbor, Antigua.

In his boat, he packed everything needed for the trek, not knowing the exact amount of days he would be gone. In his boat, there were tons and tons of cases of Soylent, but we’ll get to that later.

The cause.

One man, one boat, and one mission—Tim’s journey was not for a chivalrous feat, it was to raise awareness for those who struggle with mental health issues and PTSD.

As a veteran, Crockett knew the struggles of going through very traumatic experiences, and he had watched those close to him struggle to get back to a safe and secure mental state. It wasn’t until the loss of his dear friend that he decided he needed to do something to bring more awareness to this real problem.

“As a holder of both American and British passports, and a Special-Forces veteran, I know that too many U.S. and U.K. soldiers are struggling with thoughts of suicide brought on by PTSD. This journey is my way to raise awareness and to help them.”

Tim’s frequently refers to his trip as Taming the Kraken. The Kraken is a mythical sea creature that is known for its ominous, and terrifying reputation. Legend has it, the Kraken possesses immense strength and is said to have sunk many good ships into the depths of the ocean.

Tim’s boat is aptly dubbed, “The Kraken”. It symbolizes those who struggle with PTSD and mental health issues face every day. It is meant to show, “those that have gone through or are going through traumatic events need to know that just like the limbs of the Kraken can grow back, their lives can also continue to grow after a difficult phase.”

How Soylent fueled his mission.

Tim had a grueling 63 days of work.

Crockett shared his row, sleep, and eating routine with Anderson Cooper just after he landed in Anguilla.

“I tried to break the 24 hour period into six four-hour working groups. During the day, I would typically work three hours on and then rest for an hour, even though you didn't really rest during the heat of the day, you can’t really escape it, it’s like a sauna. And, in the night, I would work two hours on, two hours off, but it would depend on what the weather was doing, dealing with equipment failures.”

This results in constant work, which is demanding on the body. To fuel his mission, Crockett consumed an 8,500 calorie diet per day.

Soylent Powder was one of his main sources of fuel throughout the day. For Tim’s mission, we proudly donated 10 cases of Soylent Powder to fuel his journey. He loaded the Kraken with 70 pouches of Café Mocha, Cacao, and Original and took off across the Atlantic.

As you can see, he gravitated towards our Café Mocha when he needed a bit of extra power. Because our Café powder is made with the amino acid l-theanine, Tim could get the caffeine he needed to power through treacherous conditions, without the “jitters” associated with caffeine consumption.

The amino acid l-theanine, found in green tea, has been found to reduce the "jitters" associated with caffeine consumption. He was able to get the best source of energy without having side-effects bring him down later on during the day.

We’re so happy to have been a part of Tim’s successful mission to not only cross the Atlantic Ocean but to also raise awareness of mental health and PTSD. To further support Tim and his team, we donated $5,000 to the cause.

We are always inspired by those that do amazing things to raise awareness to pressing causes. We proudly supported Tim throughout his mission as a part of Soylent for Good. Learn more about how we’re supporting people just like Tim here.